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toetsenbord touchpad tablet, toetsenbord thinkpad x1

Macbook Pro 2009 A1286

Mac tv usb. Hp 104. Po portugal/fr france/fs farsi/bg bulgaria/sl slovenia/be belgium. Gaming toetsenbord. Voor tablet,gaming,standaard,laser toetsenbord,numeriek toetsenbord,voor laptop,mini,multimedia. Wholesale lz8. Support2: 8 ohm 0.5w. Gaming,multifunctionele toetsenbord,slim,multimedia. Bluetooth version: : Ps/2,usb,bluetooth. Abs +aluminum alloy. Multifunctionele toetsenbord,slim,multimedia,ergonomie. Multimedia,gaming,standaard,vouwen,mini. Folding folio case. Voor tablet,split keyboard,slim. May-09. Muismatten products related searches: Gateway ne51b toetsenbord. 

Bluetooth Case Touchpad

Voltage: MotospeedQ300 gaming keyboard. Kr np900x3b np900x3c np900x3d np900x3e np900x3f np900x3k np900x3g. Compatible with: Certificering: 355e5c ru toetsenbord. V133020as1 mp-11g56lat686. T440p 04y0858 0c02249 sg-58850-2ea 0c43954 04x0149 pk130s1a22 04y2736. For teclast. Swiss. 1600 dpi. Kablosuz klavye. K0574. 125789. For samsung note pro 12.2" p900. Usb 2.0. 

Toetsenbord Nano

Qwerty bluetooth keyboard computer gamer clavier azerty. <2h. Aluminum alloy panel&abs keycaps. Bluetooth touchpad led. For ipad pro 9.7inch keyboard case. P16g p17f r5 v2 v3 v5 v7 p2542g p2742g-cf1 cf2 p27g. Cord length: : Toetsenbord mooie. Products status:Replaced axis &wrist rest. 25205546 25205576 25205634 25205664 25205617 25205647 25205694. Lg toetsenbord. Support. Computer toetsenbord instellingen. 

Apple Muis Toetsenbord

Connection: I8thblack. A184 9z.n5muc.01b nsk-dv0uc 1b pk130fn1a34 sg-57810-40a pk130vg4a11. Keyboard type: Ge60 v123322ik1 ru s1n-3eru2f1-sa0 sw keyboard. Vouwen,voor tablet,multifunctionele toetsenbord,mini,voor laptop. V3300 3300. Verzending duitsland. P585 n580 n581 n585 n586 g780 v585 v580a 25202471 25202457 25201857. Play station. Del20160514001. Keycaps dsa. Whether to support a undertakes: Nsk-lh0bw 01 us english united kingdom uk 9z.navbw.00r nsk-lh0bw 0r. Multimedia,slim,mini. 

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Nana's Blog


₍₍ (ง ˘ω˘ )ว ⁾⁾₍₍ (ง ˘ω˘ )ว ⁾⁾ We dance better than humans



I’ve seen Horny Internet Fangirls fall physically in lust with everything from standard hunks to weird cartoons to robots to monsters and every body type from potbelly bear to skeletal beanpole and it never fails to amaze me, when by comparison, straight guys seem to have trouble with any woman who isn’t hourglass shaped



shout out to my incoherent bitches!! shout out to all the babes out there who dont make no fuckin sense!!!

“more love for Asriel!! QwQ honestly, who doesn’t love him? I should totally do pixel art of undertale.


more love for Asriel!! QwQ honestly, who doesn’t love him? I should totally do pixel art of undertale.



The Arcana Asra and my MC Shiva. Took me a week to finally get through these, ha ha.

Loved the recent chapters, I look forward to more.



Pros of having 20 candles lit:

  • Sweet aesthetic
  • Witchy vibes
  • Good energy
  • Feels like you’re in a simpler time
  • Smells great
  • Distracts from the cold

Cons of having 20 candles lit:

  • Hot as fuck


concept: my titties being held by worthy and loyal soft hands


I’m on the practical part of my Thesis and I’m explaining my experiences teaching and how the kids reacted, what they learnes and…I remembered all the kids and how authenticity helped me through the year. They accepted me because I was always true to myself and to my promises to them and now Im a sobbing mess, because I love them so much 😭.

I miss them 🌻 and I have to finish this FOR ME and FOR THEM! 🌻🌼





There’s a fic on fanfiction(.)net that I’ve kept tabs on for years to see if it’s been updated or not. While I’m no longer even in the fandom it’s written for, it just has one of the greatest storylines I’ve ever read. Last time it was updated was 2011.

The other day, I decided to r eread the entire thing and leave a very in-depth review of what I thought of each chapter. I also mentioned how I started reading it when I was 13 and am now 21, but always came back to see if it was ever finished because I loved it so dearly.

Today, said author sent me a private message saying that her analytics showed that the story was still getting views even after all these years, but no one ever bothered to leave reviews other than “update soon!!!”, so she never felt motivated enough to finish it. She said that me reviewing every single chapter with lengthy paragraphs made her cry and meant the world to her. She also mentioned that she felt encouraged to write the two remaining chapters needed to complete the story and that she would send me a message the night before she updates the fic.

I’m literally sobbing. I’m so excited :’)

Please always remember to leave a review when reading fanfiction!!! It means a lot to a writer.

Seriously, this is what keeps us going; YOUR COMMENTS. 

And you think my ranting about it is just being salty! It’s not! Reviews can mean the difference between feeling motivated and feeling out of place.

It’s how I finished a fic after it sitting unfinished for half a year. Got a long ass review that gave me ideas and then I wrote the last chapter.

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